Last 18th-20th of March, during the 13th New AG conference in New Delhi, Dr. Arpad Phillip made a very interesting presentation on the subject: “Boron Aminoacid chelates improving plant fertility”. Dr. Phillip showed that aminoacids are able to form chelates with a large number of ions (Copper, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium) and also with Boron.
The advantages are the natural source of the chelates and a quick uptake through the leaves and the roots, even if the metal chelated is contained in little quantity. For instance, Protifert Boron contains only 0.3-0,5% of B (and therefore is not classified as hazardous) and has showed significantly increase in flower differentiation and fruit setting of tomato plants.
Studies made by Dr. Phillip are the base for a new technology of formulating aminoacids with trace elements, which SICIT will make available to customers. More information contact