SICIT hydrolyzed protein (amino acids & peptides) are products of natural origin, totally biodegradable and without risk for public health and the environment.

In Italy they are authorized for use in organic farming according to the Annex 13 to the Law Decree 29 April 2010, No. 75.

Bioagricert a certifying body affiliated to IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Farming Movements) releases regular statements for SICIT products, which certify their compliance with the criteria set by the organic standards movements according to the IFOAM international standards.

On 25 March 2011, during a conference held in Chiampo (VI), the results of the “harmlessness and efficiency of protein hydrolysates for nitrogen fertilization in organic farming” (PROIDRO) were presented.

The conference and the project have been organized by Dr. Anna Benedetti of CRA-RPS, Council for Research and Testing in Agriculture – Research Center for the Study of the Relationship between Plant and Soil, with the sponsorship of MIPAF (Italian Ministry of Agriculture and forestry)

Subsequently, the project PROIDRO was submitted to the SCOF (Standing Committe for Organic Farming) in Brussels and judged positively. After that hydrolysed protein have been officially proposed to be included between the fertilisers and soil conditioners authorized for use in organic farming (Reg 889/2008/CE, Annex I).