Subsidiary company in China

As confirmation, that the company is constantly projected to the growth worldwide and to comply the continuously increasing of the market of high quality biostimulants in China, SICIT announces the opening of the branch in the Asiatic Country with the name SICIT Shanghai Ltd for the management and registration of its products.

Advertising comunication of fertilizing products (Ethic declaration on pesticide)

Assofertilizzanti and all the associated Companies support a correct use of fertilizing products in full compliance with the existing national and European regulations. Click here to read the official Assofertilizzanti leaflet.

Boron Aminoacid chelates presentation

Last 18th-20th of March, during the 13th New AG conference in New Delhi, Dr. Arpad Phillip made a very interesting presentation on the subject: “Boron Aminoacid chelates improving plant fertility”. Dr. Phillip showed that aminoacids are able to form chelates with a large number of ions (Copper, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium) and also with
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New AG 2015 in New Delhi

Also this year, with big pleasure, we have actively participated to the New AG International Conference and Exhibiton, the most important event for the biostimulant sector, that took place in New Delhi last March. During this event we have received great interest by so many Agro-Chemical Companies around our stand. This confirms the increasing interest
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