What we offer

SICIT manufacturing process is highly standardized and ensures to obtain final products with the highest quality features:

  • high concentration of aminoacids & peptides
  • constant composition
  • long shelf life (5 years)
  • NO microbial contamination
  • NO sedimentation or decomposition
  • controlled equilibrium between free aminoacids and peptides
  • high concentration in aminoacids important for plant metabolism (glycine, proline)

The high flexibility of SICIT manufacturing process allows to obtain a wide range of products, both liquid and in powder form, which can be customized in terms of total and free amino acids content, molecular weight distribution, added microelements, etc.

Standard products: solely based on aminoacids & peptides. Useful on all crops, both by foliar spray or soil application.

Special products: based on meso- and micro- nutrients complexed to aminoacids & peptides. Specific products to prevent and treat nutritional deficiencies and to activate plant internal mechanism of resistance to parasites.

Organic-mineral products: a combination of different sources of nitrogen, both organic from aminoacids & peptides) and inorganic. Useful for foliar spray and fertigation.

Crop protection products: this group includes different products, all based on aminoacids & peptides, with fungicide and bactericide action, insect attractants and surfactants.